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Brain Injury FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions in Traumatic Brain Injury

My clients include persons who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injury. CareMeridian, a skilled nursing facility that provides care for traumatic brain injuries has asked me to provide Ten Facts You Should Know About Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Traumatic Brain Injury is not just an injury that involves impairment and harm to the brain, but also could involve damage to the framework of the brain like that of the skull, neck, and scalp.
  • The severity of TBI is based on the Glasglow Coma Scale, which helps study on motor and verbal reactions of victims. The lower the number the more severe the case.
  • An estimated 1.5 million head injuries occur in the U.S. every year. Approximately 52,000 people die from TBI each year.
  • 30% of soldiers admitted in Army Medical Centers have been affected by TBI.
  • While gender would seem to have no role in determining TBI injuries it's estimated that males are about twice as likely to experience a TBI in their lifetimes.
  • A quick determinate of serious brain injury is unequal pupil size. This is a quick and easy way to find out if someone has a TBI.
  • TBI can be caused by anything from traumatic physical force to the skull and brain to biochemical and blood abnormalities to the brain structure.
  • The highest TBI rate by age is 15-25 years old at 31.7%
  • 5.3 million Americans live with long-term and lifelong effects from TBI effects.
  • TBI not only effects the physical aspects of the brain, but also can effect memory, touch, taste, smell, communication, understanding, and can even effect emotions causing depression, anxiety, and personality changes.

For additional information, see http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aliso-Viejo-CA/CareMeridian/174704304311

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