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Compensation for Electrocutions at Home or in the Workplace

People have understood the dangers of electricity for years, but that doesn't stop hundreds of people from suffering electrocution-related injuries each year. People who work at construction sites or in industrial jobs are at high-risk for electrical shock, but residents who live near power lines are also at danger.

If you suffered an electrocution injury, it important to contact a legal team that can offer you counsel about filing a personal injury lawsuit. The Law Office of Marc June has nearly 30 years of experience representing clients throughout Alaska who were injured at work or in their personal lives.

Electrocutions at Work

One of the most common causes of electrical injuries occurs when a ladder, crane or other object makes contact with a power line. When this happens, the outcome can be severe. If you suffered an electrical injury at work, you may be eligible for workers' compensation. Attorney Marc June helps clients file the necessary paperwork to collect lost wages.

Electrical Injuries at Home

Electrocution also causes numerous injuries through household products. Hair dryers, power tools or other products that runs on electricity may cause injuries if they are defective. If you suffered an electrical injury as a result, an experienced lawyer can help you file a claim against the designer, manufacturer or distributor of the product. The Law Office of Marc June can help you receive a financial settlement for your medical expenses, scarring, lost wages and loss of enjoyment.

The firm works hard to present a strong case on your behalf and secure the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. If you suffered a burn injury, or if your loved one's wrongful death was caused by electrocution, Marc June can help. Discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer by contacting the firm online and scheduling your free initial consultation.

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