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Premises Liability

Anchorage, Alaska, Premises Liability Injury Attorney

Sometimes, we take the risks presented by our neighborhoods and local shopping areas for granted. Unfortunately, unsafe conditions on public, commercial and even private properties can result in injury. Premises not properly maintained for winter ice, manholes left uncovered, and even decks that collapse all lead to injury and the resulting consequences of unpaid medical bills, loss of work, and other problems.

The accident personal injury Law Office of Marc June has been representing the legal, physical and monetary interests of injured Alaskans for the past 28 years. Attorney Marc June's experience, skill and proven record of results sets him apart from other Alaskan attorneys. Marc June investigates the accident, discusses your legal rights and remedies with you, and develops a strategy to address your loss.

Call, fax or e-mail Mark June to set up your free initial consultation. The sooner you do, the sooner he can begin investigating your accident injury and the sooner you can begin to move forward with your life.

Attorney Marc June Makes the Most of the Hand You Are Dealt

For almost three decades, attorney Marc June has aggressively sought justice for Alaska accident victims injured in premises liability accidents involving:

  • Slips and falls
  • Broken deck railings
  • Unsafe steps or broken stairs
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Condominium associations' failure to maintain safety standards
  • Icy or snow-covered walkways and sidewalks

Accidents caused by unsafe premises are potentially catastrophic injuries that appear minor at first and can become much more serious with time. Contact the Marc June law offices in Anchorage Marc June works for you on a contingency fee basis with reimbursement only for necessary expenses. Not until you collect monetary damages in a settlement do we receive compensation for our efforts on your behalf.

Contact an Experienced Premises Liability Attorney Today

Contact the Law Office of Marc June today to speak with an experienced premises liability lawyer. He wants to hear the details of what happened in your slip and fall or premises liability accident. He works hard to make sure that you receive full financial compensation for your injuries.

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