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Representative Cases

While every case is determined on its own specific facts, the following cases represent past cases where I have had successful results for my clients. A careful evaluation by an attorney of the facts and legal issues in your case is required in order to properly advise you of your legal rights and remedies.

$9.6 million for 6 loggers seriously injured in a helicopter crash. The defendants had initially denied responsibility by claiming to be the loggers' employer protected by the Alaska Workers' Compensation Act.

$8 million for the families of 4 men who died in a commuter airline crash. The defendants had argued that the families suffered no significant economic loss because the men practiced a subsistence lifestyle as opposed to being formally employed.

$2.3 million for the burn victim of an aircraft accident.

$1,965,000 verdict for former Alaska State Trooper injured while responding to emergency dispatch by driver failing to yield right of way.

$1,900,000 verdict in T-bone crash case resulting in 2 level disc replacement surgery to 25 year old man.

$1.65 million settlement re 2011 Hageland Aviation crash near Kwigillingok, Alaska resulting in spine and knee injuries to nurse.

$1.5 million for a commercial fishermen whose knee was crushed between the rollers of a conveyor belt on board a commercial fish processing vessel. The defendants had argued that the worker was solely responsible for his own injury when he was following the orders of his superior.

$1,150,000 for halibut inspector suffering annular tear and torn labrum while working in Unisea fish processing plant located in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska due to slipping while carrying fish. At trial, Unisea attempted to argue that the worker had been provided a safe workplace despite his being the only worker not provided with anti-slip rubber matting required by OSHA regulations.

$1,430,000 verdict for 30 year old man with lumbar herniation as a result of T-bone collision.

$875,000 for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) to arm caused by crushing of arm by net door on trawler.

$840,000 verdict for Juneau paramedic injured by negligence of crew of Holland America vessel, The Maasdam. At trial, the defense was to assert that the accident did not occur and that the client's injury was solely the result of a pre-existing condition.

$800,000 for Strict Product Liability claim against Action Security for failed mounting on electronic lock causing Sympathetic Mediated Pain Disorder.

$600,000 settlement for motorcycle collision with Regal Foods delivery truck resulting in internal injuries.

$575,000 for traumatic arm amputation in motor vehicle accident.

$499,000 settlement of dram shop claim against Stonebridge Realty Services, operator of Hilton Garden Inn, for restaurant manager selling liquor to 19 year old employees.

$450,000 settlement for ASRC employee suffering shoulder and sternum injuries due to fall on unsafe stairway within a Doyon Drilling rig. Settlement included the additional consideration of waiver of ASRC workers' compensation lien.

$360,000 for mistreatment received by a severely disabled and quadriplegic resident of an assisted living home. The operator of the home argued that the resident had suffered no economic loss and minimal emotional distress.

$335,000 for shoulder injury resulting from customer assaulted by Radio Shack manager.

$300,000 for motor vehicle accident resulting in vestibular disorder.

$240,000 recovery for North Slope snow machine collision into inadequately marked utility trench.

$225,000 for a delayed diagnosis, thoracic herniation resulting from a minor impact motor vehicle accident.

$205,000 settlement with Holland America/Princess Tours re death of Malaysian engineering student during summer employment.

$200,000 Motorcycle fatality due to negligent road maintenance by State of Alaska, Dept. of Transportation.

$190,000 for sexual assault in hotel

$175,000 settlement with Alaska Glacier Seafoods for wrongful death of Hispanic Employee assisting in docking of M/V Persistence.

$140,000 for shoulder injury suffered by condominium owner falling on ice in common area of condominium.

Confidential Settlement with Trident Seafoods for crush injury due to hand of crewmember of F/V Billiken being caught in conveyor.

Confidential Settlement with Walmart Trucking regarding loss of control of tractor/trailer on Glenn Highway, Alaska.
The Law Office of Marc June has represented injured fisherman in claims arising out of accidents on China Frost, F/V Sea Venture, F/V Shemya, F/V Bristol Leader, F/V Elvagene, F/V Alaska Leader, O/S/V Pioneer Service, F/V Perseverance, F/V Pamela Rae, F/V Family Pride, F/V Alaska Beauty, F/V Shaman, F/ V Ruff & Reddy, F/V Bella K, F/V Hazel Lorraine, F/V Alaskan and the Holland American vessel, Maasdam.

The foreign visitor is unfamiliar with the rights and remedies of the American legal system. In addition to American citizens, Mr. June has represented visitors from Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Dominica, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Laos, and the small island nation of Vanuatu. When the challenges of a different language are present, Marc June knows how to obtain necessary translation services. Marc June explains the American legal system in plain terms so that you can make the necessary legal decisions.

I have also represented clients in a number of cases which the responsible party has conditioned settlement on confidentiality. While I cannot discuss these cases in detail, the cases include claims against the organizers of a national event responsible for an electrocution death, claims against a large oil company by a worker who was the victim of a well explosion, an oilfield services contractor for failing to provide proper safety supervision that led to the traumatic leg amputation injury in a Nabors Alaska roustabout, claims against a national truck manufacturer whose vehicle was defective, claims against a manufacturer of aerosol products whose use resulted in a 12 year old experiencing severe burns on his upper torso, and claims against a law firm committing malpractice in the mishandling of an aviation accident claim, and a hotel whose deck railing collapsed leading to a tourist suffering a broken back and dislocated shoulder.

For a discussion of the facts of your case, contact personal injury attorney Marc June.

A number of my cases have also been the subject of significant appellate decisions.

Thompson v. Cooper, 290 P.3d 393 (Alaska 2012) (Trial Court required to instruct jury that tortfeasor is liable for additional harm following medical treatment)

Cooper v. Thompson, 353 P.3d 782 (Alaska 2015)(Ability of Trial Court to limit biomechanical testimony affirmed)

Dobrydnia v. Farwest Fisheries (9th Cir. 1996)

Fairbanks North Slope Borough (9th Cir. 1980)

Denardo v. Murphy, 781 F. 2d 1345 (9th Cir. 1986)

Denardo v. State of Alaska, 740 P.2d 453 (Alaska 1987)

Kennecorp Mortgage & Equities, Inc. v. First National Bank of Fairbanks, 685 P. 2d 1232 (Alaska 1984)

Van Brunt v. State of Alaska, 653 P. 2d 343 (Alaska 1982)

Van Brunt v. State of Alaska, 646 P. 2d 872 (Alaska App. 1982)

Kennedy v. First National Bank of Fairbanks, 637 P. 2d 297 (Alaska 1981)

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