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Why Hire a Lawyer?

New clients often ask why, if they have a strong case, it is necessary to hire a lawyer. Just as there are people who sell their own home rather than hire a realtor and people who prepare their own taxes rather than hire an accountant, there are people who choose not to represent themselves without the professional advice and assistance of a lawyer. However, there are many reasons why a person should seek professional help.

Injury claims are complicated and involve many legal issues besides whether someone else is at fault, or responsible, for an injury. Beyond analyzing your case to as to fault, a lawyer must look into many issues. For example, the lawyer may investigate and review the insurance coverage available. It is not uncommon for persons representing themselves to overlook insurance policies which will pay for their compensation. Those persons receive less compensation than persons relying upon the professional assistance of a lawyer. As another example, health insurers that pay medical bills regularly have policies that require repayment out of claim settlements. A lawyer will assist an injured person in negotiations to reduce that repayment to ensure that the client has received the maximum possible recovery. These are only 2 examples of legal issues that persons working without the assistance of a lawyer frequently overlook.

Persons will also choose to be represented by a lawyer because experience proves that a client is usually not his best advocate. Some persons will naturally understate their injuries and losses because they either have a "positive attitude" or do not wish to appear to be complaining. Insurers will take note of these comments that an injured person is "doing better" to argue that recovery should be less. Other persons will be adamant in their description of the injuries or resulting impacts. Insurers will dismiss these people as that the insurer know exactly how At the same time, insurance adjusters regularly dismiss these persons as "whiners." On the other hand, when the person's lawyer describes the injury, he will reference the medical records so that he can prove his statements with objective evidence. Should a case go to trial, the lawyer's job will be to marshal the objective evidence in the form of documents and testimony to demonstrate what damages the jury should award.

Persons will also choose to be represented by a lawyer because the lawyer is a more effective negotiator than the client directly. This point is illustrated by the exercise of buying a motor vehicle during which the vehicle buyer always deals with a sales person who must then seek approval from a sales manager. The reason for this tactic is to give the sales person the opportunity to be nice and obtain the highest sale price. Insurers apply the same strategy when the insurer adjuster calls but says his "authority" is limited. A lawyer conducting negotiations on a client's behalf levels the playing fields of these negotiations.

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